The Essence Of The Spirit

«The essence of the spirit was with the needs of the heart and the desire to express the depth of our existence to carry on this planet. It carries in itself a combination of theory and practice, the element of an abstract and real. The essence of the spirit (ED) is the desire born of the possibilities available to us receive the universe, existence, Absolut. This is the dimension of both metaphysical, physical, and spiritual.  The essence of the spirit is the result of the expression inside of yourself, that what is in fact felt, built, received. It is drawn the Interior joy, fulfillment and inspiration, which is contained in the content, words, recordings, images and music.

«The essence of spirit of the themes in the area associated with the broad development of the spiritual, the broadening of consciousness and feelings of his own depth. You will find here a lot of interesting information, advice, techniques for working on ourselves, our own mind, body and energy.  Topics included inspiration run all areas of present life and are balm for the mind, body and heart. All entries present on the essence of the spirit are grouped in nine categories highlighted on the right.

"Articles" move topics related to:

  • health,
  • treatment,
  • healing,
  • work on emotions,
  • development of unconditional affection,
  • techniques of crossing their own fears and barriers
  • regeneration of the body
  • the external mind control unit
  • oswajaniem thought and its own bodily reactions and many others.

In this section you will find the content of the application and the experience of the authors of the articles.

Category "movies, lectures, interviews," includes material in the film version, in which third parties are involved, or the author of the page the essence of spirit. In this site you will find spiritual-themed lectures, interviews with people moving the selected aspect of reality and movies by founder of the parties the essence of the spirit, as well as other interoperable with ED. These films bring inspiration and understanding at both physical and metaphysical. Example of the lecture of this series-when you click on the image.


Category "Inspirations" page the essence of the spirit is a family which includes three categories: "movie", "music" and "Poeja". In this area are published posts, which carry a powerful load of inspiration to explore your own inner self. However, at this point, focusing the subject another way ' 'procesu ' ' experience and understanding of the discovery in the area of earthly life, extraterrestrial, spiritual and material. It is, in Essence, on the basis of the Spirit visitors dedicate time for himself, feeling and plunging into the depths of your being. This is the moment of learning the perception of self and the excitation of the spiritual elements that exist within an individual, the current incarnation. While other information, articles or multimedia shows, contained on the essence of spirit and as carrying a large load of inspiration, moving spiritual experiences on the path of synthesis of knowledge and wisdom provided by the author of the page the essence of the spirit, as well as the other.

"Movies" include multimedia productions including:

  • shocking facts
  • unexplored matter,
  • alien transmissions,
  • outdoor secrets
  • scientific evidence,
  • researched phenomena affecting the psyche and behavior of both the man and the entire human population,
  • motivational content,
  • the mechanics of the operation of the surrounding reality
  • medicine, pharmacology, healing, natural therapies.

"Music" is a carefully selected repertoire of music, in which the flow scores moving spiritual elements of our interior. This is the moment to plunge into a Symphony of sounds that affect positively on our individual vibrations as well as conducive to organ regeneration. The music often added is created by the page author meditation proposal the essence of the spirit.

love (26)"Poeja" is a special and a new category. Contains the spiritual work of the depths of the seams of the divine existence. The lines take the theme of fusion of both spiritual life with physical and contrasts resulting from the perception of the material, the Earth to feel the spiritual and parapsychological abilities, alien. Spiritual poetry is the completion of the creation of the author of the page the essence of spirit and has extensive power of inspiracyjną and subtle interior, his works are well-represented in the manifestation of unconditional love. Contemplation of the individual rows associated with raising your own vibration, since corresponds to the Existence on the energy contained in the wisdom of the risks.

Category "Meditations"-at this point the focus is on the difference between kontemplacją and meditation. At this point we find arranged by the author and those who will work with the essence of the spirit, effective method of deep into himself and find wisdom inside your own existence. Here the theory meets practice. We know and we learn to perceive the '' new '' themselves, others and the world around us. This place is a strong vibration of the transformative and human rozkruszającej posture. Both proposals-meditations and contemplations-enrich this above this category.

the balance"Working with" energy "is the information about the various forms of multimedia or sound-and a proposal for work on their own energy system proposed by the author of the page the essence of the spirit, and also the acquis of its experience and personal achievements. In this city there is also a combination of theory with practice. The reader of the page the essence of the spirit of the first acquaints himself with the subject of the recordings and set out in the instructions, and then performs an exercise focusing on your own you should taste in the flesh. Ąktywizuje in this way, your energy centres. In addition, expands the awareness of your own body by increasing personal vibration.

In this category we will hear, too, how to read, followed by the acquisition of pozazmysłowych information in order to understand and, above all, help others who have gotten lost on their way of life, or are looking for an effective solution to the problems of the current theme.

Category "Sessions" contains the recordings, which are people expressing consent to the making of recordings for inspiration and wskrzeszaniu faith in yourself, your own existence. These are the methods of work that I do in order to develop broader spirituality in itself and broaden awareness in all aspects of life, as well as others. Here you can find the answers to your every question, understanding of the matters previously incomprehensible, clean up and let go of what was the ballast always go their limits, to find yourself, forgive, forgive, achieve what formerly was unreachable.

Ancestral curse and finance


Category "Classifieds" has news on carrying out activity in the form of workshops, meetings, events organized by the author of the page the essence of spirit or in cooperation with other participants who contribute to the creation of ED. This category is strongly connected with the last item – "meeting".

At the top right of the year has been placed search engine. Thus, in an easy and fast way to search for a particular word or title in mind post related passwords.

«The essence of the spirit focuses primarily on being the essence of inspiration.  It is her key. Therefore the content published on the site the essence of the spirit they carry their own transformation deep voice being. In addition, we carefully look at the surrounding things and consciously experiencing the present life. The essence of the spirit is an inspiration to many looking for answers on your own Path-beginner, intermediate and advanced, who have enriched their existence with a spiritual or extrasensory. Therefore, I invite you to explore its riches and reap the benefits of inner transformation.

The intention of the author is the energy flow of inspiration, which rises, augmented internally encourages further changes, discover, build new dreams, desires. Bringing about unity in the multitude of lives on Earth wants to jointly with other manifest the depth and richness of the Interior and the sensations flowing from your heart in meditation, meetings, dealing with nature, kontemplacjach, rozpuszczaniem and energy exercises of your own mental health. The author wishes to create a new type and quality of the relationship of unconditional love and acceptance in an environment full of inspiration, abundance, the multitude of possibilities.

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