The effectiveness of visualizations


Visualization performance depends mainly on two factors-the image and energy. The image in your imagination has to be as lively, as if you were him realistically seen in front of your eyes. The image is to show the final result that you planned for the materialization of the imagination into reality. In the image do not envisage how to implement, envisage already produced the final result. Not limited to, as a way to achieve the goal.

Image to be accompanied by positive emotions, because it emanujesz energy, which is so important for the implementation of the image.

Just as water is essential to sperm thrown to the ground grew so you need to picture power power plant that has been realized. Sown plants need to be watered regularly, just set the image you should regularly fill.

When you imagine the image target visualization, emocjonuj positively. Emanuj joy and love. You are deep emotionally. Relive it as I have.

Visualization is a powerful tool for achieving the goals. If you use it properly, according to the description, this case will go in the direction of the goal. How and when the picture is materialized will depend on energy,

A man visualizes all the time, even when she sleeps. In dreams you see that visualization is implemented much faster, almost instantly, often just think only. Dreams is much less dense than the world daily matter, because you need much less energy to complete the image.

The man almost always visualizes unconsciously. Visualizes not realizing it, because I do not see that his life is the result of its visualization.

I meet people who complain about their lives. I can see in their vision of the world a lot of fear and negative emotions. These people suffer from their own albeit unconscious. I mostly meet situations that are uncomfortable, causing suffering.

These people truly have mastered the technique of visualization. Some of them are almost champions. However, they do it unconsciously, when having a negative image, nasycają it with the emotions fear, anger or hatred. What then could be the result of their visualization?

It is interesting to note that the instinct doesn't have a clue what is a joke and seriousness. So when in jest you're talking about a negative and, at the same time, emanujesz emotions, this is also a visualization that seeks to implement.

Probably met people who like the jokes often speak a sentence like this: I am an old man, a fool out of me, I'm blind, do not get me on it, I have no money, I'm poor and other negative expressions. When you look at their lives to see that they do not assess it as happy. In your life are encountering many "woes". Guessed that on their own request, but unknowingly visualize it.

Therefore, even in jest it is worth talking about yourself. Instinct, which takes the image of the imagination in tangible, everyday reality, does not distinguish between a joke and seriousness. He always meets your visualization, conscious or not.

Those who truly stand for education systems and the media knowing. Know well the power of suggestion and visualization. Use this knowledge to manipulate people. Wpajają people that are something less than perfect beings. Promote in TV and video games, violence, anger, hatred and death. It instills in people's negative emotions. Negative images combined with negative emotions drive people toward the suffering and the sense of less value themselves.

You are already perfect being, no matter what you are doing. Every creature is excellent, although otherwise sees the world and experiencing life differently. Do not let yourself believe that you are something less than perfect being. You can safely dismiss these suggestions contained in the upbringing, education, mass media, which suggest you negativity. Those who say that you are a small, miserable, you have to serve and work with. You are still a slave, if you follow this upbringing.

Knowing that man visualizes permanently, you can use this for your sake. You can consider themselves to be the essence of a great, because its essence you are such. Even if you believe themselves to be the essence of an imperfect and others make you such a picture, it is true that you are already perfect, regardless of reviews.

I suggest you envisage yourself and feel how naturally emanujesz joy. Keep this image in your imagination. This is the best image possible to imagine yourself and keep in mind, unless you choose the suffering. The following is an example of the description of the image-you can create another.

I.. (your name). naturally and without reason, I feel joy. I rejoice. Joy.

Of course, this image is one of the five conditions, about which we have already read. Therefore connect image from the other conditions to be effective visualization. Thanks to it you will become a cheerful man. The rest will work out so that the joy of your support. The entire universe, everything is going to be so combined to meet your image.

Scientific confirmation of the visualization of the results of observation of the structures, which creates a frozen water. Water can create a lot of structures depending on the factors, which is subjected to. Water molecules arrange themselves in a certain structure depending on, inter alia, words, thoughts, feelings and emotions of the people.

Look on the Internet "Masaru Emoto" and his "Messages from Water"-you'll see what a big impact on water is what the man says, he writes, he thinks and feels. You will see how beautiful, bright, trimmed it looks like water at which it is said the word "love", "thank you", etc. and how filthy with the words "I hate you", "I'll kill you", etc.

The human body is mostly water, particularly his brain. So what do you think you are talking about and you feel has immediately direct physical reflected in the body, especially the nervous system, which supports your body. How do you want to look like?

Author: Joachim

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