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space 12promieni«The essence of the spirit there is to provide further Inspiration comes from the heart, ascend the spiritual levels of awareness, rid your fears and limitations, discover their own aspects of existence and experience the truth of himself.

However, it is a job that requires time and financial outlays. In the spirit of progressive technology and the increasing expectations of the visitor, the reader page, its layout, and the material contained on ED, and sound processing, graphics, multimedia require systematic modernization, which increases the cost of money. Therefore, financial support for the parties the essence of spirit is needed in order to be able to continue to rapidly grow. To all those who wish to help me keep this project already hot thank you and I am your greatest gratitude.

Below are the data that are needed to support the parties the essence of the spirit:


15 1140 2004 0000 3402 5795 6653


Title: Donation. The parties support the essence of the spirit.

1All who like what I do, wish to forward the energy of inspiration I dedicate this site to the essence of the spirit.  Great is that in unity we would like to develop and share what we have discovered in themselves.  Hence, thank you to everyone who financially support page to it and as it has been enriching, inspired, developed in the right direction and acting basis to start your own path of spiritual development, what every hot I wish.

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