Solving family and United high consciousness-part II

The session entitled: "problem-solving family and United high consciousness" is a collection of Sophie's experiences. In the second part the personal situation of the older son of the participants of the session. Questions asked in the course of its duration are used toward a wider understanding of the events already made in the life of man and at the same time towards the viewing experience create images in the next person living structures. Thanks to a broader perception it is easier to solve the problems.

At this point it is worth to focus on topic and answer the following questions:

-What is the soul?

-How it behaves?

-What feel?

– How to respond to my failure?

-Is happy with me?

These and other questions born in individual umyślę might help and direct on the characteristics of the soul. This will help in the understanding of who she is, how it behaves, and whether it is '' 'charakterna ''.

Contemplation aims to broaden contact with his own Soul, hearing her communication and understanding personality, which manifests itself. This allows you to answer yourself many questions after listening to this record and respond to pozacielesnych planes discussed in the session.  The soul will show the truth.

I invite you to listen to part II

For technical reasons temporarily unable to hear sound material.

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