Solving family and United high awareness

In a session with the Centre followed by a problem-solving. We examine how energy-efficient image looks like real family relationships: mother's younger son, the son with his wife, the mother of the elder son, and depending on the individual energy structures surrounding the above person. Following the diagnosis of the problem and a possible solution on the road.

The theme of this zajęłyśmy, because it is a commonly occurring in the relationship, and family problem solving is no easy matter. In this video we will see that it is not always possible to interfere. Troubleshooting should be the overwhelming intention of one family-do no harm!


In addition to cross-connotation coming people are raised:

-addiction in a toxic partner connection

-the ratio of the soul to human choices

-experiencing the tear between what happens in the human reality and the ' 'wyższymi ' goals '

-a sense of hopelessness,

-feeling States of higher consciousness

-being in unity, movement outside of time and space

-mikroświatów experience

-experiencing the planet, space dimensions

-the study of the world dependent on fear

I invite you to listen to. The recording consists of 3 parts.

For technical reasons, the sound recording is temporarily unavailable.


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