Self-treatment method B.S.M-Health in your hands (1)

My experience

The early nineties. Each fall and spring to stand under the sign of strep throat, flu and bronchitis, which I pass hard time with his sister. Both go to primary school at that time. At some point, the incompetent doctor saves the antibiotics that make it ląduję in the hospital suffering from pneumonia. I spend in almost a month, far away from my parents, away from home and it's for me-a sensitive, eight-year-old child is unpleasant and difficult experience. Each morning, a nurse comes to me and is injected in a wenflon on my icy hands the contents of three syringes.


I do not understand too well what is going on. All I know is that mom has proved powerless in the fight with my illness, she had for a very long time to entrust me with a foreign people to get me wyleczyli. These people did not appear happy experience for this reason, they treated me as a necessary evil. Hospital stay for me was like a trip to another world, but fate so guided my life that fortunately never had to then do not visit this place.

the hand


At some point, my mom started to treat us another way – served only the hands. Using centimeter had many uses over something, then wymierzała put their hands on our heads and held them for about half an hour. I remember I had to then remove the glasses and all other metal objects, and mom and i could't do not come into contact with each other.

Gone are the trips to the doctor, I ended up taking antibiotics. The only additional remedy was syrup with onions and grated sniffing, which had help on Qatar.


As small children very lubiłyśmy is "sticking hands", but the fact the fact that the disease went by unnoticed. We were, however, too small to understand, what do we have to do and when it ended a period of childhood sickness, mysterious method has gone into oblivion for almost two decades. Her place again took the pills, antibiotics and any other miracles present in pharmacies.


In April 2014, when the flu got me once again, allergy to pollen and I came from the necessity of daily swallowed anti-allergic medication may awaken in me something. I was reminded of these magic words: bioemanacyjne join the brain, in short B.S.M.


I ordered the latest edition of the book with the provision that I will do with allergy without the help of even a single tablet. And so it happened. Twice a day have been very conscious of the hands under the heading V and after just under a week and symptoms of allergies decreased by around 50%. And then, I don't know when, everything stopped.


In any free time wertowałam book until I learned its pretty much by heart. Initially I did mistakes in the laying on of hands, but continued watching the accompanying plate with recordings of Peter Lewandowski (which shows how to properly work hands in different positions) and persistence bordering obsession, I am now able to in most positions lay hands without capital.


Currently I am using BSM method (VIII) for the treatment of a very large vision and change zwyrodnieniowch on the retina (see already the progress confirmed by an ophthalmologist), problems with falling asleep (position I) and for menstrual cramps (heading V). April 2014, not zażyłam or one tablet, even analgesic. Despite sometimes dramatic situations, like the need to get up in the middle of the night and the application of hands in order to get rid of persistent pain, I am very satisfied with the effects of this method and do not intend to return to drug therapy, unless absolutely necessary.



I must draw your attention to a fact-B.S.M method and the Painkiller otherwise remove pain. It covers the kind of Tablet, masks, but you can sense that he is still there, its causes have not been eradicated. While BSM causes pain in a natural, very subtle and delicate way disappears without a trace. And often no longer coming back.

The author of the article: Anna King

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