Self-treatment method B.S.M-Health in your hands (cz. 2)

Explorer method

BSM method discovered in 1974, Eugene Uchnast, a retired colonel of the Polish Army in Warsaw, jurist and historian by training. At the end of 1973, for a few months he was in a clinic in neuralgia and left hip troublesome left knee. No medicines and treatments did not help. One night, at the beginning of February 1974, Mr. Eugene lay down to sleep on the healthy right side and planted a hand under his head, looking for the most convenient position for her. To his great surprise, after a few minutes the pain subsided, but after removal of the hand with the head again. After ten days of frequent pain treatments, however, expired. It was the beginning of the discovery of the method of BSM, which later was developed and updated, including by the current promoter methods Peter Lewandowski.


Mechanism of action

BSM method, as opposed to pharmacological treatment, affects the electromagnetic field of the body, the "L" (from the word life-force). This is the first field of the cure effect of disinfecting the body. BSM affects the central nervous system and uses the presence of magnetite crystals in the brain-because even a small amount of energy (per, for example), it is sufficient to obtain a medicinal effect.


BSM provided the correct its application does not cause any side effects. Can be successfully used in children and animals. In the course of treatment is not necessary any special psychological state, faith in yourself or motivation.

DLIn this method, nakrywamy hands (or other body part, for example. your forearm) sensory centers of the cerebral cortex. In most positions it is therefore necessary to designate a secondary point-the so-called. Tip of the czuciowego, which allows you to properly orient the handle. Ways to penalize the tip of czuciowego describes the book "Self-treatment method B.S.M." by Piotr Lewandowski. This is essential if we want to start our adventure with this relatively easy and pleasant treatment, not just for the sake of an accurate description of all items, but also because of a pretty comprehensive list of indications and przeciwskazań.


Each treatment method of BSM should last at least 15-20 minutes. On the body should not contain any metal objects, we can also contact at this time with another person, (a) in the case of item (VIII), treating the eyes-watch television.


Using BSM we cannot unfortunately used any drugs, only supplementation with vitamins and trace elements. Adverse is drinking alcohol as well as coffee and tea, especially when we treat anxiety, pressure and stress.


Placing her hands is strictly discouraged to aneurysms, stroke to the brain, and hemorrhagic strokes and in several other cases, which exactly describes this publication. Despite the convenience and ease of use of BSM, this is the method which, in the case of ignore recommendations can cause harm. Therefore, before you try it for yourself-read the booklet and make sure that you understand it well.


Knowing it, you'll be able to help themselves and others in situations where conventional treatment fails or when there will be time for the emergency services. For me, BSM is a lifeline, a way to save sight and provide the body with better health and greater self-reliance. When you understand that your health is in your hands, you will no longer want to pass it in the hands of others.


The author of the article: Anna King


and "Self-treatment Method B.S.M" – Piotr Lewandowski, Aries, Warszawa 2013

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