My Hard Path II

My Hard path in Wilderness Bolimowska-part 2

Smoothly we have to March transowego. Everyone grab a belt loop predecessor, tied up a scarf over his eyes and headed in an unknown way led by the Guide.


This exercise has had on me an amazing feeling. Simple, and as deeply moving. Blind man the space in front of you lose self-confidence, a belief in their own ability. I lost like fears, programs, ruinous thoughts. I do not know how to listen to each other by a different route than normally used. Other senses were dormant. Need to find and feel the inner balance, balance, peace of mind, to stride confidently into the unknown. It triggered the March transowy. Check how we are internally meek, confident, driven by balance.
I felt great when I got the rhythm step for myself, sure the ground under their feet, that they do not I fall in spite of difficult terrain, because I am. Here is a guide, and in the life-by soul. An incredible experience, when the internal balance, on which so much work, suddenly is revealed in all its glory. Comes to appreciate his own work, taken the trouble are difficult decisions, moments of doubt, collapse. Comes to appreciate, respect, and gratitude for the great entry decision path, that so few people still take. This is the way to go for bold. Tough, but giving the fulfilment for which we all strive. Great was the feeling of support, warmth and kindness of the people who participated in the March. Mutual cooperation, help, understanding when someone stepped on the predecessor's shoes, would stand up in the energy of that time, we have little influence more than separately. Together we help ourselves and so grow in love, unity, joy. We develop faster, better with other, mutually inspiring each other. Try it and you.


It is worth to unite and not to divide. The success of one person, it's your success.
Experience the moment dear Tomas, at a round table. Damper can reduce up to a new energy, showing the correct way that you know that we know, we hear, but forget it, go, swerving again. But it's nothing. We will return again, smarter about what you shouldn't do.

Then we went to the forest, where the voice of the drum, we ran to be transferred to the band on the eyes. The unknown guided intuition.


Although we knew the area, we saw the distance and the ground, it locks the uncertainty to become active. We were afraid, for the first time, running the fastest speed for us screaming to be released from captivity by the restrictions. A lot of the anxiety was before the collapse, inability to overcome problems, decisions, tough choices posed by life. However, everyone did. I congratulate cordially invite you all! Are others than yesterday, tomorrow other than today!

After sharing his impressions and experiences of the race, we went in półtoragodzinną journey through the area on its own. Everyone had done something crazy, do not evaluate the phenomena, talk with nature, mute. We learned to unite with the environment, respect every creature, regardless of shape or size, and eventually to talk to each other.
I was afraid of what the mad I could make it, despite the fact that by nature I am not easily provoked or reckless. I decided to go with the flow. And here it was! Do not block the judge not to take every opportunity you here ' a soul.


And so I have gotten to travel, which I always wanted to travel. I wanted to go to the River, to see her, talk to her, to feel the beauty of the surroundings, to get to know this place from the side of the head, benevolent man, meet animals. And that's all I got. The beauty of synchronization, for which thank you very much for the soul and to all involved and living in an enchanted place.


It's time for the sweat hut. Stones, warmed up to a frenzy and their heat warmth of our naked bodies. Initial lift their own intentions, uwalnialiśmy body tensions, inhibitions. We shared our experiences. Sauna oczyszczała not only physically, but also spiritually. Awesome was the impression of coming together with the ground by hug hot, naked bodies to the cold ground. Feeling that we are one with the Earth created, determined by low includes heart. Stars and full moon dopełniała is a unique experience.


The last day the Sun came out. We went out on the grass. We ate breakfast together. Dear Tomas, what gave us and how it changed us event the previous night. Each shared their thoughts, feelings, conclusions, to inspire others, to strengthen the faith of the correct walk by the selected path.
Then in the circle of any limited common and individual meditation chakra breathing. It was great to name and refresh the energy flowing in our bodies. Although the each do it individually, the Group strengthened its meditation in each treatment individually. We did it by itself and for itself;) Thank you for everything! Training with a touch of belonged to some of the stronger practices "Hard path". It allows releasing locks and fears which were created from the unpleasant experiences that leave wounds or scars on the heart. Each participant had a touch pass to a person standing in the center of the circle as much love and tenderness. Not everyone was ready for it. But we have tried. Open your own heart.
This exercise showed how many people are hurt by another man. How many, although the desire for openness and kindness, it has memory rejection and nieakceptacji, which creates pain, shaking hands, heart beat faster at the thought of unconditional love, tenderness, intimacy. How many of us does not allow you to touch by the stranger, and the distance of the Division. So often we do not exceed their own limits.
Just-boundaries. After what we have created? For protection. Protection before the injury, use. We can not themselves well treat, respect, appreciate. With this we meet every day. This experience. In this close.
You can start to change the world from each other! Every day we change people through …

The last exercise that day also took place on the grass, in a circle. We sent donations with the intentions of the Eagles. Each had its own uncertain cases that wanted to recommend the birds. I am glad that we all support each other in this exercise. United, sincere energy allows for fuller and faster execution of requests. It has amazing power. Works like a prayer.


In conclusion, I would like to thank, Arkowi, Ioannina is thinking, Janek, Grzesiowi for the exchange of common inspiration, support, kindness, warmth, closeness, openness, the opportunity to experience other aspects of me and for the conduct of this incredible experience, feeling the energy that ozłacała us by these two exceptional days. I wish every meet, dissolve the material constraints and locks releasing the bad, destructive and toxic programs, behavioral patterns, duplicate bugs. Let unresolved issues to the people you most easily resolved, slightly and pleasantly, and faith in your heart to let him grow, to dream, not to digress from the chosen spiritual path. Though unknown and problematic, but in it you will find the real thing itself. It is wide and unconditionally, to realize all the unimaginable dreams;)
A lot of heat and Energy flows to each let the thought provoking;) Already flows!


Full of gratitude and thanks
Karolina Gizler
Participant of the workshop "Hard path", may 2013

The workshop took place on 24-26 May 2013. in the village of Puszcza Bolimowska, Bartniki, Podlaskie Voivodeship in the enchanted place. Next door there is a village Rodzian.

During the workshop we had a full moon, during which we made the sweat hut.

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