My Hard Path And

My Hard path in Wilderness Bolimowska 1

On his way he really rarely podejmowałam the decision to participate in any meetings associated with the development of self-awareness, spirituality, straightening of the body. These workshops, though were often the object of desire, appear and disappear, and my desire to experience a similar energy, which met to initiate the process of purification-no communications, no useful hints. Time pass, and situations and desires of law stand alone development at home.

Because of that nothing happens without a cause and a belief that we attract these events that we experience-I was pushed to sign up for the workshop a hard path. Last year, for the first time I heard this name and completely did not know what she means.

I went to a hard path that has proven to be an amazing experience. I would like to share it with you. That's why I had a relationship with a 3-day workshop in the beautiful surroundings of the Puszcza Bolimowska. Who does not know, I invite you to explore the road called the "Hard Path".

Magical surroundings – each. Beautiful nature opens even hardened and obstinate heart on the sensitivity of existence and experience of subtle energies. Around diverse views Or been the Domka landscape inhabited by beautiful birds flying at a height of sight nothing short of niepośpieszane. Who is lucky, you may catch a glimpse of czmychające deer or Beaver Meadow by the river Rawką. A wonderful place to rest, the contemplation of human existence, opening the heart to another man. In such an atmosphere we started our workshops.
Jan, the sound of the drum with goat skin, the smell of roasted, white Sage and charm candle flames, introduced us in the journey of "Hard path". A short introduction, explaining the ideas of practices for present here for the first time, opened the workshop. Then reviewed at a round table. Develop fears, the strongest constraints that we'd like to throw into the fire, to dissolve their own locks before going forward in achieving their own fulfillment.
We started preparing for the pardon power of the fire.


It was raining. It's hard to zmoknięte zapalało branches. Everyone in the sound of rattles, drum, didgeridoo, threw gifts into the fire, he learned the respect element, thank you for that it is and burns our greatest fears, limitations.
The darkness. In the light of the flames, and then heat it's moment of overcoming fear wpojonego in childhood. Here we had to become one, harmony, balance with fire. Everyone was to each other with respect, I do not want to hurt you.


Anne, Arek, Grzesiek, Janina, and Carolina went through fire. More often than not.
This experience changed them forever. The night was no longer the same. In the sounds of the drum, in the flat Or fell asleep, blissful sleep.


The day we started from dynamic meditation OSHO. We let him hurt the tension in your body, stress, fears, old, zastygłe energies that we wear for many years as a baggage energy worries and problems. We have listened to your body that now said. A pounding heart, breath, loosening. It was finally time to cut off the outer information and focus on the spiritual needs of the body.

After meditation we have attempted to make scrambled eggs with nettles. Common breakfast amazing approaches and opens the human goodness.


Then, at a round table, dear Tomas, what experiences have enriched our soul today.


Building a hut's sweat,


collecting stones for sauna,


the creation of an outbreak
It took us time to lunch. Anne has to eat the traditional dish: "Wieloziel". With cabbage, sorrel, dill-was it great. It was very nice to sit, talk and sit at a round table that point to each equality regardless of the place, which took the, sex, age, status.

Author: Caroline Gizler


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