At the time of the free I recommend watch “The Physician”. The period when the world was far to technical progress and medical knowledge, to which we are accustomed today.

The story begins in a humble place where it comes to the birth of the young Medic. This is the boy who became interested in contemporary medicine until after her mother’s death. He felt a profound inspiration to explore the secrets of knowledge in this little available living area. Medic therefore begins his journey. For the fulfillment of the most hidden desires. Doctor wants to effectively treat and understand phenomena occurring in the human body, and, above all, to know his Anatomy, because in those days we are witnessing, as born to this science.

Doctor takes us into the world of the unknown and difficult to imagine today. We are witnessing, as a young man looking for answers to doubts that nowadays are no longer resolved. We see how educates and develops. As for the risk of exploring the greatest joy of her life. Doctor reveals his niezłomność, courage, strength, in pursuit of the goal. Like us, the road is a lot of conflicting information, it is not always well run by their ‘ masters ‘, but not of it captures the chosen path. Only zooms, expands, educates.

So it is with us. On the spiritual path, we meet a lot of adversity, a lot of “authority figures”, which we listen to, “champions”, to which the uczęszczamy teachings …. and creates chaos in the head.  Spiritual path looks very similar to that found in the movie. However, at the same time there are many possibilities. Therefore, i peeled the road can vary. It is worth to remember this.

The film is an inspiration to many spiritual seekers. Concerned primarily with passion, resolve, the pursuit of their own happiness, proceeding on the path that has been chosen. And many others, which I’m sure will find sighted ‘ ‘inaczej ”.

Feel free to search.

You can see a movie trailer.


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