Letter from Adriany


For inspiration by unity in the us. The letter concerns the recording attached above.

Hi Karolinko.

Thank you for this recording … of course I listened to and beczałam. A lot of truth in what were your feelings. Not long ago I met with the relevance of the observations. Very glad that someone else sees what I feel. I was crazy not to end. A lot of things already done but the effect which I reached is far from ideal as you can see. Since 90% of what you say I feel the same, I thought I'd write what feels otherwise, it will be easier. When I listened to Your recordings, I felt extreme pain in the area of the cross, which move up and down. This pain has strengthened already for several days but when I listened to You was stronger.

I was hoping that I worked part of the topics, and I moved forward but now after what I heard, I see.  I have gone to this, my experience made me grow and learn. I do not see them as only the same negative experiences but as a process. Telling about them as these facts, you can pick it up as the story of the negatives themselves.  Although I still haven't puściłam, luggage and sentiment as it nazwałaś. It is time to let go … for me already time. I feel I'm not satisfied and there somewhere in the middle is the voice that says "you have the right to feel happy and satisfied," it is the strength of that occasionally drives me … but I've been getting less. Stress and emotions. so this is me. Less than they used to be but still. Depression. .. so. I thought that I worked on the suffering, the pain, the use of lessons and applications associated with it. but you can see there, still sits.

Often I have a problem, what is the trick, heart and intuition and as the voice of reason, or rather the mind. I am learning this all the time. It is not possible to Cap traffic above me is … the same that I feel. Powtarzałaś is probably two to three times. I can smell it on themselves and the space between this and me so that I could watch. Fittingly it ujęłaś. Observe and learn but not be able to change. I did not know just whether it is a mine, or does not belong to me. It must be quite old. However, I want to get rid of this. Anyway, everything is in my hands and what we can do together in connection with the situation that I want to do, change, przetransmutować, przoobrazić. I'm very tired and I have so much yet to be done, good. How to break free of the baggage that has not been understood and wybaczony (although wybaczałam already in many ways) I know, where I have a blockage in the body at what level. How to delete them permanently. ?

The release through the love for each other … you know I do not want to be zamęczać any longer. Cool soul I am, and I would like to no longer enjoy life here:) As I see it now.

Links-100% accuracy in every statement, together with a statement of the need to rewrite the relationship (relationship problem) in the life of the soul. Lack of respect and appreciation for herself and accept siebie100% accuracy. Relationships with the wrong partners. Once on I was looking at it differently, some time ago I noticed that I went partners with a different level lower. Motives were different ….:) Now I see it.
No thought, I'm so handicapped in relations male male. But well, I take it on klata:) I want to compensate for these locks, change everything in my hands … and yours.

So, now I feel that every day I am different. It is tiring as Groundhog Day, I wake up and recognize who I am. Tiring and in addition all the time I'm standing in place. So, I feel.   I live with the thought that it will be better and feel I do not have power. Circle. It's all true. It seems that once I've lived in the past and now … … in the future,:(.

Finance-True. How to organize your relationship with money? Money as a side effect of passion … … Yes … just me PAS­sions escaped, change on a daily basis as I:(. Although all of them I remember is them a little but no I don't feel 100% love … Although it is one of the larger procetem:)

Refresh-now I live in the House we have. Here was a lot of bad experiences and energy … might as well hence the musty image of the air around me. And perhaps, with the cocoon that you see, however, is limited to some extent tributary of freshness. Then you need to change, necessarily.

As I wrote my cocoon, it reflected what i feel and this energy is also the right thing to do is what you also need to ask from my life.

Karolinko, thank you very much for this recording. I listen to them a few times … very, very relevant. What do I do next?


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