Individual sessions


Individual session is an advanced technique of penetration into each other and allows comprehensive work in terms of bodily energy, mental, spiritual. It is a condition of enlarged consciousness in which we get new information, feelings, images, in order to understand, resolve personal problems and get answers to questions and to develop your experience in the sphere of:

  • existential and emotional,
  • functioning of the fact,
  • the perception of perception,
  • parallel worlds
  • extraterrestrial races
  • travel in time and space
  • Paranormal phenomena
  • extraordinary skills
  • understanding of things and events so far, incomprehensible.

The human chakra system
Individual sessions allow
you to not only clean and let go in the body and in the field of load, its limitations, emotional ballast, hexes, rituals, the promise, the seals, but also a comprehensive ' 'narzędziem ' to:

  • delete entities, demons, power structures in our energy system
  • explore the mysteries of life
  • explore further energy structures
  • feel the soul
  • interview with Soul
  • develop your own Intuition and contact with the universe, mother earth, knowledge of the Collective
  • understanding of change on Earth
  • unite the Collective Knowledge
  • broaden awareness of one's own body
  • understanding the causes of the diseases that plague an individual unit
  • energy talks

5dtIn addition, individual sessions improve the flow of vital work, all chakras and complement the cavities in the aura, refresh and restore the energy system to its proper design, operation.

Therefore, the body and the mind of man is the comprehensive benefits of the surrender of such a session. However, not all are able to immediately get a State of consciousness, in order to achieve its objectives, since this is an advanced technique of work and need a little exercise, to open up to all the benefits of this condition.

For greater understanding of the issues, I've made a movie that explains why in a session of a person can't see, can't hear, there comes to them any information. The film comes from the article: "session-what is this condition and how it przejawiamy".

Individual sessions can be carried out at a distance (via the internet; using Skype) or by direct meeting.  Individual sessions are just as effective at a distance, and in close contact, because the energy and the consciousness to know no bounds, as they are outside of time and space. In addition, this technique is carried out with the participation of one person or group. The time depends on how fast a participant enters a State of enhanced awareness of the required session and how much is sensitive. The more sensitive person, spiritually aware of yourself, your own reactions, feelings, approaches, the faster and more easily moves in areas outside of time and space. Therefore, some problems can solved in 30 minutes, some the same within 2 hours, and others do not affect these problems, because first you need to tame the session state, because it is so new that the internal lock inhibit a person from further it's experiencing gratifying. Therefore, after several attempts, exercises with confidence and oswajaniem to another State of being open to take us to the data problematic issues.

There was nothing to worry about or evaluated over time. Everything is dealt with individually and adapted to the State of the experience of the person concerned. Work with each other rather than with time. It's stopping time and learning about themselves in those aspects, which were not well known and obvious.

People who want to, need to perform an individual session, please fill out the form below.

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