In the meditation position Yab-Yum

tantra chakras YAB-Yum translated from Sanskrit means mother-father. This simple item has become very popular in a variety of tantric practices. YAB-Yum is often chosen during meditation and different, mystical meetings of amorous lovers. This is justified by the fact that the position of the Yab-Yum triggers so much energy in physical bodies both partners that allows consciousness to go beyond the boundaries of the ego, as well as open up to a deeper experience, including heavily hidden, clean feeling.

YAB-Yum supports open and the flow of energy in your heart chakra. This allows the lovers to break stereotypes on each other. Thanks to the position of Yab-Yum partners learn the sense of mutual intimacy, pleasure in giving, gratitude, love and fairness in taking pleasure along with joy.

1. Sit in the Lotus position or in Turkish on a flat, soft or hard. Partner sits on Your thighs splatając your legs behind your back. This is the classic position Yab-Yum. If, however, due to various reasons health or limited movement in joints, you can position Yab-Yum. In this connection, just sit astride close enough to feel the touch of the genital area. If this item makes the discomfort, then in the second variant-partner sits on the outstretched legs of a partner or his knees when the previously sat on the Chair. The woman should be higher than the male. Therefore it is worth to her pillow. Now the body of snuggling, hands, skin gładzą muskają partner, the back straight.

2. Experience, how you roście a feeling of closeness.

3. Wyrównajcie and synchronizujcie breaths.

4. I focus on the breath and being in it.  Thought of as the warmest, preferably with a partner. Send to him mentally a wealth of Your najszczerszych and deepest feelings, aspects of love. In the position of Yab-Yum experience as feelings are flowing from the partner and are wrapped around a warm, inspiring energy.

Adjust time exercises for you. Initially, you might want to focus on meditation with 20-30 min in order to produce adequate energy and space science enjoy high and atypical experiences every day.


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