Aspects of the creation and the deterioration of health status-the correct interpretation of the

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Hello. This article presents the experience of the Commonwealth of Dominica, which earned her an amazing lesson of life in relation to the interpretation of the events resulting from the connotation of family-based programs. Explains aspects of the creation of reality, including the deteriorating state of health. Read how simply life is the spiritual explanation. I invite you.



 The creation of reality and the deterioration of health.


This story a little hard to briefly tell you, but I'll try. For some time I'm interested in creating reality and better contact with intuition. The story relates to me and my family. According to astrological books-my younger sisters have Karma/lessons of the soul to move addicts from their parents even in the adult age. I will admit that I, my sisters and my mother, we have entered in the numerologicznym portrait of the negative karma of money, but I checked it on two or more sources, and i came out that for me nothing is no such thing, even if it was.


In the course of my lesson demonstrated on my amazing things and off, getting the better of me came out przeczuwanie the future in a trance of meditation, I attended even in the free webinarach (online meetings in real time) on cleanup of the negative subconscious beliefs and programs. Others they claimed great results which met them after doing the same things as I do. .. but still, still, still had a problem with money and I felt disappointment. When I tried to zmanifestować the money mainly came from my mother which made me rozczarowywało (although Greg Braden says, that parents have a role of mirrors for a person's relationship with God, and I reckon God as a source of income).

One of my sisters over the last year has been entered into the execution Chamber too long parents, forcing it to regular visits to a lawyer. I completely understand that it wasn't pleasant, but ideally cover to astrologicznymi and numerologicznymi, which to me the future is already years ago, and in addition in the documents was entered exactly his or her name and the case involved her formally. With the rest of the watching my sisters for years, I do not see anything more growing and useful for them to develop in life than learning adulthood. Sister all year round like darła for the whole family, also. for me, that I'm mature and this allegedly by her, am I supposed to be tormented by after courts in this matter, because I'm a year older, and according to her my role.

conscOne day, which I planned to devote to further learning and deepen work with Intuition, there is a problem with my sister. The boss threatened her that it znienawidzi, if you don't come to work. I felt that I should not go and I do, but I thought was that maybe I'm lazy if I can think of excuses and wygodnickie życzeniowo about yourself and your situation (i.e., a person with an average 5.1 on studying for my last semester, who wrote an impressive Islamic State of thesis and the fight against global terrorism, "which it really adds something!" in the words of one of my professors).

I still feel guilty that I'm not better and healthier and not earning, so I went for a sister to her work and they stole my protect the backpack of PLN 100 (I went there against my Intuition and contrary to my inner feelings).

Despite my effort and strong efforts in the creation of reality and your health not even I asked questions about whether or not I have to do, because the "sister and it is too dependent and childish, and I I'm taking her to lessons of souls".  After a few weeks the alignment of the inner voice, Intuition or feelings felt at the bottom of my heart, because I still have problems with health. It is a form of disposed me to them (the sisters) did not take.  Otherwise I would have worked from dawn to night, that was all in the House better. " This came once again, already repeated explanation of my intuition as the reasons why I still have asthma and have financial problems, despite my talents and my knowledge.

But for such people is also not pleasant, because they have the lessons that they are guilty, and blaming such events all over the world, especially the dispatcher scapegoat if you like.Geography

So it seems to me, at least for me, it is completely revolutionary and turns upside-down look at the spirituality and how should help. Something I pobrzękiwało for several years, in this sense, but just as I've learned to communicate better with Intuition, IT OCCURRED to me so hard and so strongly, that I'm pretty sure and she told me what i was doing and even I did wrong when I was convinced that I am following nobly. I also turns upside down attraction law knowledge a bit.

Author: Dominic (D).

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