Contemplation of the safety

This workout heavily focused our attention to the Interior, to connect with their own, unique being. With your inner source of divinity, consciousness, intuition, creation, existence.

The constituent activities of this exercise are simple and focus on practice. On the feeling. Entering and recalling the required state. The one who is in the us. The one that we felt not long ago and has been muted.

So here we go.

Sit or lie down comfortably. In a seated position note the straight back, hands on knees, feet adjacent to the floor. Lying-place hands along the torso, straighten your legs. Please note in addition the attention or not pinches your body too tight clothing or the place where you are lying does not create discomfort, limitations when head pressure on the force, an uncomfortable position.

Breathe slower, deeper. Relax your entire body. Forgive yourself running in his mind thinks. Focus on the breath. Feel the sensations that occur in the body during the inhale and exhale. Take that put air into the body relaxes, it relaxes, soothes, relaxes. Release the tension on the upper and lower extremities.

Feel in a sense of security. Experience a situation in which you feel very safe. It can be a life event or invented. Locate where is born a feeling of security. Feel, see what is a structure. If it has a color, whether it is in the form of Your aura is located somewhere in the body. Poobserwuj.

Rozlej is now a feeling of security in the broader aspect of your body. Start to feel it in every cell at the time of its distribution throughout the body. Ensure the safety of the whole regime, and aura. Get lost in it. Take this State and being.

At the moment, in which you'll know that it's the appropriate moment-say that you are a security and przejawiasz them here and now. Then slowly wybudzasz to relax and open your eyes.


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