Contemplation of respect

Respect is a very important aspect of love. Is the domain of the second chakra-sacral chakra, where the predominant color is orange. Being slightly below the navel. It is of utmost importance to devote his attention in our everyday experience.

In understanding, perception, cognition helps contemplation.

Sit or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes, relax your body, take a deep breath and let along with all its burdens, tension, load your body gathered this day.

In September slowed down boat thought processes. Silence the mind. Focus on the niemyƛleniu. Create a white piece in mind and see her at the same time without creating any thoughts, reviews, comparisons.

With such a State of mind in itself inspire respect. If it does not come on after a while-help yourself the visualization. Recall a person, an animal or plant, and to which you feel the most respect. Stop this feeling.

Watch your reactions. Notice how it feels. Whether it is stationary or moves? If flashes or spreads after the body like a wave? Where it is located?

Zcal in one with this feeling. Feel the infinity and spread respect. How do you feel?

Keep this feeling in itself. Join with every cell in your body.

Thanks for the experience. For this condition. Being.

At the moment, in which you find suitable-finish contemplations. Quietly return to myself. Open your eyes.

How has the world in front of you?

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