Contemplation of acceptance

Acceptance is a factor, which is found in every earthly experience. We learn it, humility to themselves, and others. Go to the higher layers of understanding your own creatures and other współegzystujących with us. All known, not by all popular, sometimes neglected. Acceptance by all felt, however, it is not until the end of the known. Therefore, I prepared another contemplation for anyone to take in what internally well known, but by the mind.

To today's contemplation of the accept for You Position-lying or sitting. Close your eyes. Escape from yourself thoughts of everyday life. Release the load and voltage, which is lurking in your body. Here we go.

Contemplation of acceptance


Imagine how you sit on a clean, soft and hot sand. You are alone. In the midst of You trees, vegetation and small-type shrubby bushes. You can hear the murmur of leaves. Wczuj in the noise. Become one. Get peace of mind.

Then get approval, which shall communicate to You. Note that they do not negate anything, don't complain, don't reprimand, not strofują. Also do not impose your own opinion, only allow you to accept. Learn this from them. Acceptance by the district Barrio gotico all over each other. The heart and the other chakras.


Share and its acceptance. Accept what they are, where they grow, how they behave. Accept this and yourself, your choices, actions, extortion.

And how do you feel? Review.

Fill this space You acceptance and remain in this State.

Being and experience.

At the right time for you to start slowly bringing yourself into the here and now. Open your eyes, when you're ready.

Contemplation of acceptance has ended. Thank you for the joint meeting.




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