News-many changes on The Essence of The Spirit


For us the time many changes on The Essence of The Spirit.

All that takes is subject to change. Develops, experiencing, refreshes, is a process of transformation.

Let, therefore, inserted in the energy change form produces abundantly, because it comes from many places.

Now is the time for you also You-Dear reader expressed his opinion on politics, ED also do you co-create its energy structure and its important link. Hence the two-sided message in order to take the relevant steps are extremely needed.

A survey of the changes has been created in that order-to ensure mutual communication. Below are some short questions that allow the development of ED website along with the intentions of the founders, visitors, readers, people belonging to the essence of community spirit. Express yourself and your needs, intentions, desire. Be sure to confirm the completion of the survey click “Submit reply”. ¬†Will be accepted form of form with Your answers, which will disappear as you leave the post. And that is all.

Changes analysis of ED



Do you like changes in The Essence of The Spirit? Yes/No and why.

Do you like the navigation on the Main Side The Essense of The Spirit?

If the answer to the previous question is negative write what needs improvement on The ED.

How do you go from the homepage to the category panel?

Do you have a good access to the category, recent posts published on the website as well as other information useful for you? Explain your answer.

What has been missed in The Essence of The Spirit in your opinion?

What has changed on The Essence of The Spirit?

What according to you should be added on/ removed from the ED to increase its professionalism?

Name three things that you like the most on a the new page The Essence of The Spirit.

What drives / rejects you to go from the homepage to additional topics / pages / category ED ?.

Which kind of information are you looking for the ED?

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