Solving family and United high awareness

In a session with the Centre followed by a problem-solving. We examine how energy-efficient image looks like real family relationships: mother's younger son, the son with his wife, the mother of the elder son, and depending on the individual energy structures surrounding the above person. Following the diagnosis of the …

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The regeneration of the body

  Session with Lila depicts the deep feeling of his own body. Transmit description as seen through energy woman, which was already on the roster. The regeneration of the body occurs at its participation and terms of its own energy by adjusting to the original, which is saved in each …

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Ancestral curse and blocked finance

  I present to you a session with Lila, who forgives his curse and tackles and orders its space-related finances. In an interesting, but individual participant meetings deal with odłożonymi programs in her physical body and energy bodies. In addition, works directly with relationships niespokrewnionymi, which, in spite of nikłego …

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Sexual abstinence

Participating in a session comes to traum recorded in the body, which caused her dislike for close-ups of the flesh. Learn to read the reactions of your body and forgives what is encoded in the energy. Encounters any locks that impede on the feeling of relaxation and releasing tensions in the body. The first time participates in this type of work method and wonderfully passes through successive stages of bounced through her soul. I invite you to listen to.

Part I


Part II

Case study-cz. (II)

The session is devoted to:

1. Ewelinie:

  • her husband's diagnosis
  • to clarify the problem of alcoholism husband
  • aversion to intercourse

2. Father Of Peter:

  • energy image
  • description of energy and pasożytującego on the body of the father
  • delete being
  • repairing the damage they have caused aggressive being

3. Wiolettcce:

  • Description and diagnosis of its interior and manifesting
  • to clarify the problem of developing depression
  • demonstration of the mechanism leading to the accumulation of negative emotions to the extent that the proper functioning of the society and professional

4. Peter with bipolar-affective disorder:

  • a handle to the source of the formation of bipolar disorder-bipolar I in the case of Peter
  • Overview of the most important life situations that took place on the creation of the energy status of the test
  • with balance-emotional
  • good suggestion to solve the problem


Case study-cz. And

This meeting shall take action in terms of reported problems in your personal life by appearing here a person with a name. Each of them tries to deal with the topic of the moment in their life, which reached climax and does not allow further correct functioning.

In part 1 of "case study" to focus on such people as:

  1. Andrew was the son of Jadwiga
  2. Alice and Jim
  3. Jack

Topics discussed include:


  • energy conversation
  • an explanation of suffering coming
  • foot treatment
  • an overview of the role and the experience on the ground

-Alice and Jack:

  • energy vampirism
  • unresolved relationships with previous incarnations of the same essence
  • the imposition of the ring, RIM samounicestwiającej
  • the release of energy from the self-destruction mechanism
  • explanation of the partnerships and their diagnosis of the current state of


  • diagnosis of the current state of energy
  • the release of pasożytującego being in the form of żmiji
  • the release of the duszącej armor programs and helping attitude
  • the imposition of a new Corps of light directing on the freedom of expression and freedom of

Stress, aches, tension, menstruation

Stress accompanied us since forever. As far as the progress of the modern world, the pace of life of the individual units. Grow requirements and expectations. Hence the increasing stress and accumulation of tension in the body. The rush of life conditions for valuing duties. Therefore many of us pushes the ' relaxation ' then. '' However, the tension caused by the stress continues to grow. Without noticing it. Resistance to stress drops, and we still have to deal with new challenges. Stress build up in the body. Stress produces pain and paralysis. Therefore, it is of utmost importance odreagowywanie tensions in the body.

In this session, we focus on the topic of the origin of menstrual pain. We learn what creates painful menstruation in women. In addition, we focus attention on how to odreagowywać a pain in the lower part of the abdomen. Thanks to the accord we Ewelina traced step by step this phenomenon.

In this session, Ewelina also connects life topics with their preference of nesting in different organs. In this case, we observe how situations that cause stress have an influence on the human body and energetic and we learn very quickly diagnose our condition and the related problem in the field.

Topics discussed in this session:

  • place stress away
  • the reason for painful periods
  • place the connection specific situations stressors to the body
  • odreagowywanie circuits in the body
  • tempering the pain, stress
  • the connection with internal acceptance, respect, freedom and love
  • gratitude for being who we are

Part 1


Part 2