Chakras-working with energy centres

Working with chakras.

Chakras is vital energy centers of our physical body. They impart a course, vitality, power of life through the intensity of przepuszczanej energy. Chakras are in each. Chakras have plagued not just one.

Therefore I present a great proposal to work with your own energy.  In the presentation of the exercises involved Gretel. This week I'm cleaning the chakras, breathing and synchronizing the main energy centres.

Maggie is in a State of deep relaxation. However, this can be an exercise in meditation. I invite you to take advantage and feeling his own energy.

It contained in it is calm, relaxation and comfort, so every day we're looking for.

It is worth to come back to the depths of our natural existence.


I invite you to listen to the song Oliver Shanti'ego titled "Nirvana". This is the extended version. However, it is worth noting the film arrangement attached to the music. Wonderful views. Make them sink your mind and rest in niemyśleniu. It appears the convenient ability to exercise. When we observe, …

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