At the time of the free I recommend watch “The Physician”. The period when the world was far to technical progress and medical knowledge, to which we are accustomed today. The story begins in a humble place where it comes to the birth of the young Medic. This is the …

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Chemotherapy in medicine.

The interview titled: "Chemotherapy-can kill?" in an accessible way shows the mutual relationship between the medical world and the actual. Doctor talks about the effects of chemotherapy and the consequences of selecting this method of treatment. Well explains the medical issues, hence I decided to recommend this interview. However, it is worth to look at this film through the eyes of an observer and skip some manners used by both asking and answering.

The disease for sale


Being almost an hour doL2cumentary reveals the secrets, which is guided by the current pharmaceutical business. The range of tactics that pharmaceutical companies have decided to deploy to improve their financial income is so clever that it's hard to get an idea of when you really want to buy something, and when they decide that something we buy.

"The document is the result of a combination of journalistic investigation and interviews with experts: doctors, medical journals editors, judicial experts, specialists in marketing, representatives of non-governmental organizations and former employees of pharmaceutical companies. According to the authors of the document more often than pharmaceutical drugs to sell us this disease. At more or less the active participation of the experts and health authorities need to further use for us instilling medications which kurować fictional conditions. Modern pharmacology turned into a business where science meets the service function. However, instead of looking for effective medicines real scourge facing humanity, such as cancer or diabetes, the pharmaceutical industry takes this punching myself for them in an easy way. " [Mateusz Kasprzak]

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The disease for sale



Everyone is the creator of your own reality

The video discusses effective tools, techniques for creating your own reality, which intuitively, unconsciously is always posługiwaliśmy to form our lives. These techniques utilize the law of resonance and thus change the surrounding us the real world. It turns out that the law of resonance is not only a potential in the realization of our thoughts, but also a complex issue in its essence.

Because of that we are part of creation, and so, as it have all the properties we are also the creators of physicality. This implies that with great power comes great responsibility.  This responsibility is what we inside us, and around.

People who prefer in their life aversion to responsibility and laziness can accept this film with skepticism and feel the load or discouragement. However, it's not worth it to reflect what has already happened, but to focus on life in the here and now. It was this moment is the infinite potential of incredible change.

I invite you to watch the movie.


Mermaid-new evidence

Appeared new evidence on the existence of mermaids on the planet. Therefore, Animal Planet decided to broadcast the program discussed and debated are collected before, materials on the phenomenon of the existence of a new species. Video of a teacher in English. Discusses the existence of creatures: półczłowieka-półryby, reveals their …

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A new species of

  New species-true or false? Siren-pre-existing in the myths, now really. Documentary evidence of the existence of these creatures, which no one had never seen never before and knew the drawings, legends, marine travel. So far the man thought he was alone in the universe, and now finds out that …

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A call to awakening

  Now another topic to talk about. A rather controversial film, but clearly showing the intentions, intentions, money orders, which are directed towards the human units.  The film shows programs that have appeared in people's minds on the rock the world and how they are scrupulously carried out. You should …

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Inspiruję to pay attention to the video titled "Kymatica", which tackles the issue of the formation, structure, the functioning of our reality. Explains its nature, points to a combination of many different elements. Also focuses on how in the world the process of Ascension of our consciousness, both as an …

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