Smith emotions-line 23

You are even when You do not have for the world. Your soul in the silence of your interiors- His story tells You. You were not always in her truly happy. Not once poruszyłaś the strings of the past, Which in its entirety the heart felt Przypomniałaś if in these …

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"In the spring" – row 22

  Spring knocks at the me window walls. The Sun greets my every day. To make everything darker went. Because it just so happens That spring every year is assumed. Each smile on his face. It is located in the heart of the Virgin Spring secretly like dreams. To anyone …

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Letter from Adriany

  For inspiration by unity in the us. The letter concerns the recording attached above. Hi Karolinko. Thank you for this recording … of course I listened to and beczałam. A lot of truth in what were your feelings. Not long ago I met with the relevance of the observations. …

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"A wise man and a fool"-line 20

  The row concerns a certain password, opening the forum, which was once a large part of what is. It ruled: "'MĘDRZEC CAN LEARN EVEN FROM A FOOL. A FOOL NEVER LEARNS TO NOT. " Read, interpretujcie, live entertainment. I invite you. I encourage you also to share your feelings, …

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"This world"-row 19

  There was once such a different world. That many had. Freedom gleamed in the fountain. Felt like you are born with it. Was with you from the beginning. Know your thoughts that creates in the bud. You suggested. Together with him we changed. Along with it into the abyss …

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Sexual abstinence

Participating in a session comes to traum recorded in the body, which caused her dislike for close-ups of the flesh. Learn to read the reactions of your body and forgives what is encoded in the energy. Encounters any locks that impede on the feeling of relaxation and releasing tensions in the body. The first time participates in this type of work method and wonderfully passes through successive stages of bounced through her soul. I invite you to listen to.

Part I


Part II

My Hard Path II

My Hard path in Wilderness Bolimowska-part 2 Smoothly we have to March transowego. Everyone grab a belt loop predecessor, tied up a scarf over his eyes and headed in an unknown way led by the Guide.   This exercise has had on me an amazing feeling. Simple, and as deeply …

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My Hard Path And

My Hard path in Wilderness Bolimowska 1 On his way he really rarely podejmowałam the decision to participate in any meetings associated with the development of self-awareness, spirituality, straightening of the body. These workshops, though were often the object of desire, appear and disappear, and my desire to experience a …

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