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My name is Karolina. On the path of conscious development of your own perception of yourself and your nearest world went in 2009. Initially, it was a time full of uncertainty and ignorance of each other. It was the time of journey into the unknown.

Many obstacles on my way have been waiting, many "authorities" with me met. The way walked, trusting his inside although I didn't reply to also plaguing me. Gradually puszczałam their locks, ugruntowałam, boat hook self-esteem, changed my perception of reality. And so slowly it includes a gateway to meet your dream life.

SheIf you have not yet thought that getting your own interior becomes a way to present a life passion. So it is today, though it is constantly changing, it's a feeling of depth, which I carry in itself brings me joy. And I think that all who walk this path, very appreciate it. Certainly everyone in the deep belief, it recommended.

Joy and love directed I want to share them with others. Experience of unity in meditation, development, expanding consciousness, along with another human being. There, where he finds himself lucky and understand their own limitations, thoughts, beliefs, and goes beyond the standard mental barriers comes openness in showing another of lightness in the subsequent crossing borders. Because love and happiness abound when it divides.

So far, I meet people who are looking for inspiration, solve their own problems, where the solution is not so obvious for the standard schema. I have experienced working with a person with schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychozą, neurosis, after heavy injuries or operations in the area of the head and brain. I conducted a lot of discussions with people with severe depression, suicidal thoughts, after the loss of a family member with a sense of injury on the background of treason spread at the time closest to the family. This experience and the successes that I reached my completed the implementation like letting the locks at multiple stages of spiritual development. In order to provide comprehensive assistance:

  • Group and individual sessions
  • Phantom surgery elements
  • diagnosis of energy State (the causes of diseases, foreign entities, energies)
  • medytacjami carried out
  • work with your own energy
  • developing Intuition
  • discovery of one's own Interior, connection to the Universe, the absolute and Mother Earth
  • sensing and experiencing a collective Consciousness
  • work with alignment, scavenging and synchronizing the aura along with chakras
  • previous incarnations
  • purification of body and mind
  • healing modalities
  • conversations with soul
  • working with thoughts
  • conductive strapped people dead Souls to the light
  • cleaning of premises with low vibration energy
  • healing and energy scavenging traumatic history of the place
  • securing residential sites in the energy and other
  • the security of the electricity system of the man in front of strangers energies
  • delete inappropriate energy field energy entities closest to man.

3In addition, I also travel to answer discovery exploration on topics of life which are secret. In this connection, also widening in individual sessions:

  • functioning of the fact,
  • extrasensory perception,
  • parallel worlds
  • race of extraterrestrial
  • travel in time and space
  • Paranormal phenomena
  • the genesis of the extraordinary skills
  • understanding of things and events so far, incomprehensible.

I share my knowledge and experience with others. However, inspiruję does not lead to the end. I appreciate the independence of the unit. I would like to experience equality in love. Respecting each other by sharing what in us the best;)

2If you have any questions for me, please fill in the form below.

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